MOD Kits Coming Soon

You will be able to purchase your tuned MOD (Mike Maier Original Design) suspension kits here.  A tuned MOD kit means that it has been tested and manufactured by Mike Maier, Inc. to insure the best performance and quality possible.


  • Superior ride quality
  • Massive improvement of corner  carving control
  • Can be tuned to your specifications


  • Manufactured in the Mike Maier, Inc. facility
  • Constant and live updates on progress
  • Product line that grows with the times

Service: When you call Mike Maier, Inc. you speak with the people who actually make the product you buy and receive optimal tech service.

Mike Maier, Inc. sells Wilwood brakes for your Mustang.  Please do not confuse us with those large parts houses.  We specialize in what we sell and use the product ourselves.  When you call Mike Maier, Inc. for your Wilwood brake kit, you are receiving specialized service for your Mustang to insure you are purchasing the correct kit for your application.  Give us a call for your Wilwood kit today.

Chassis Stiffening

Chassis stiffening has been a specialty of Mike Maier’s over the years.  When you purchase your chassis stiffening kit for your Mustang, you only want to do it once.  Buy right the first time.  Buy Mike Maier, Inc. (add subframe connector pic)

Steering Kits

Steering kits are a challenging thing to get right.  Over the years, Mike has created a system that takes into consideration the early model Mustang driver’s needs.  Feel, simplicity, installation, geometry, quick steering – these are all attributes of multiple components that come together as one quality system.  Give us a call and get your kit today.