USCA Thunderhill Recap 2015

This last weekend was the first USCA event for 2015 at Thunderhill Raceway in California.  As you might have seen on social media we have been prepping for the last several weeks.  We have changed a few things on Ol’ Blue for the better.  We strapped on a new set of Wilwood Aerolite calipers with 14.2” rotors on the front and the new Wilwood Dynapro6 calipers on the back.  The rear suspension also got a facelift.  A new MOD rocker system was developed as well as a MOD panhard rod kit.  The icing on the cake; we added 200 lbs of lead for the new rules.

We showed up Saturday morning for the first event which was the speed stop.  This was perfect due to the fact that we needed to bed the brakes in.  We ended up second after 2 master cylinder changes to dial in the brake bias, not bad for the first time out.  The autocross was next and we pulled out the win there by a small margin. The car was handling great, especially after we made some small rear sway bar adjustments and got the car to turn in a bit better.  Having shown up with a new completely suspension system, the results were pretty cool.   Immediately after finishing up the autocross we were to embark on the road rally.  About this time we noticed the car running pretty rough.  Upon inspection we noticed the bolts that held on the carburetor bowls on were stripped out and gas was all over the place.  After having tons of help trying to sort the problem out ultimately Greg Weld came to save the day by lending us his carburetor. The road rally was ON!

Sunday morning was now here and that meant it was time to for Mike and Ol’ Blue to hit the road course.  Upon some consultation we jetted up the borrowed carburetor and headed out.  Jake Rozelle and Mike had been battling back and forth the entire weekend.  After constantly dialing in the Mustang we got our time down to 2:00.2, but this was not enough to get Jake this time.  He pulled out a ripping fast 1:58.9.

Ultimately we had a great time, Mike and Ol’ Blue took home second place overall.  And finished first or second in nearly every event. When the whole thing was over we feel great about this season coming up.  We have a great team on board and we are fired up for the upcoming season.

“The whole lot of em’ busted butt.  JJ from Ultimate Performance worked his heart out on the JRi shocks, Falken Tires hooked up when there was no way I should make it through that turn, I have to get my retinas checked out from how well the Wilwood brakes stopped. Additionally, the new Mike Maier Inc. suspension is feeling great and we can’t wait to dial it in further for myself and our customers to enjoy.”  – Mike Maier