I Want a Mustang Street Car, Not a Race Car!

Many times we have had customers come to us saying that they do not want a race car.  They want a Ford Mustang that handles well and is a cool street cruiser.  One of our customer’s, Ken is a perfect example of your typical Mustang street car guy that likes to go have fun with his Mustang.

He has been a customer of ours for about half a decade now and has slowly been adding to the car.  We got this message from him last week and we thought we would share. Ken’s 1965 Ford Mustang

Kens 1965 Ford Mustang Street Car; Fastback


“Ok, each time I bring the car in it’s like Christmas morning! I get a new “better” car back! The panhard bar is a must for every vintage Ford Mustang!  I didn’t know how much my rear end lifted and rolled until you fixed it with the Panhard bar. Flat around the corner! No shift in the rear after the front end made the corner, no side to side shift. I never really noticed how bad it was. Being a “Mustang Street Car Guy” I’m so happy we went step by step so I could feel and appreciate each new part! Remember 5 years ago when we started?

1st.  High quality leaf springs. Good

2nd. much better shocks. Better!

3rd.  17 inch rims and tires. Then drove it a year or two.

4th. Power steering, AWESOME, I could now parallel park without working up a sweat! One hand on the steering wheel one on the shift. Low speed and high speed control! Double AWESOMENESS! With that came a need to stop, because you just don’t know what’s around the next bend.

5th. 13 inch rotors, 6 piston calipers & new master cylinder. Huge! Ok, 4 years later I stepped up to the non adjustable MOD1 front end! Change My ?! Year 5, didn’t think the car could get much better. I didn’t want to tell you (Mike),  but I actually thought I would buy the panhard rod kit and not feel much of anything and thought I would be disappointed. WRONG! No really, I can tell a huge difference in the corners and on uneven roads! Wicked Cool!  Thanks MMI, talk to you soon about the next step. Maybe Autocross? New Rear Brakes for sure!

Mike, Wilwood brakes are no longer my favorite part on my car. MOD1 kit rules! We are so close to realizing my dream, of a classic 65 driving like a modern car! Still have a little “play” in the wheel, 2 inches, it didn’t “hunt” this time, maybe a little from the tires? But I ran the Silverado Trail like a beast! Then up to Lakeport. No grabbing cracks! Then 20 to highway 5. Wish my speedo worked, I think I was doing average 80 on the way back. No issues! Most of the trip was with one hand on the wheel, one on the shift, and a BIG SMILE on my face! ⚡️??⚡️. You did such an awesome job, here have a ? and??”



Thanks Ken for giving us the chance to work on you car and make your dream come true of having a classic Mustang street car that handles.  Here are a few shots that Ken sent us from his most recent winter drive up in the hills.




Lake Berryessa highway 121 Napa. Had to be very cautious because everyone was out! Bicycles to Porsche, hot rods to old sports cars. Even a “wild Indian” With all the rain, mud and rock slides too. A surprise around every corner!