Where do Those Cars Go After a Show or Race?

I was making a house call last week.. yes, a house call. As I was answering questions and countering his questions with some of my own. I was also starting to absorb my surroundings.  As we went on into the night I started to think about all the homes that theses neat cars go back to after their weekends out at a car show or driving event. These homes (where the car lives) are composed of years of stories, dreams, sweat equity and sometimes cool acquisitions from friends and old school shops.

Tom with his Mazda RX3 in the background


Tom , the owner of this mini car haven has filled this garage with years of stories. Autocrossing his Mazda RX3 with his best friend. Setting up his son and daughters go carts to teach them the family talent of racing. He even repurchased the same kind of Buick that he and his wife first dated in. All of this was done in a building that doubles as a garage/build areas and home office.



     The shop is a small steel building in a canyon that no one would ever see. It is not a huge place with a built in bar, but it did have a fridge full of beer. The back of the shop has a really simple wood counter holding his computer and stereo system. The music in the background was a kind of bluesy rock instrumental that set you in a groove to do work calmly and methodically. As you walk by the 68 Fastback you notice the attention to detail with refined hardware and fuel injection.


Every shop has its own identity, from a small single car garage to a multi-car shop with lifts they all have their own character and personality.  What is your shop like?