The companies listed below are all part of our success. Sponsors play a very important role in our ability to learn and develop the quality product you get from Mike Maier, Inc. and we surround ourselves with the best so our customers get the best results.

K&N filters have been with Mike the longest. If it wasn’t for K&N, most of Mike’s experiences wouldn’t have come to fruition. K&N not only has a top-quality product line of oil filters and intake kits, but they have racing in their DNA. When you’re a racer, you want nothing but the best because you want to win. When this drive is combined with a business, it bleeds through to the product and employment. This is why I’m proud to be part of the K&N team.

Jeff Ryan is a person you don’t let slip through your fingers. When he created JRi (Jeff Ryan Inc.) it was a no-brainer. We wanted the best shocks available so we followed him. Brianne and Mike Maier have won ten championships and countless races on his designs. To achieve the ultimate in shock control, there is no other choice.

Falken Tires have been a breath of fresh air. When you are a small company scrapping for the win, it’s really nice to have a quality tire company providing a product that doesn’t quit. When we strap on a set of Falkens, they grip from the beginning to the end. While other tires lose grip about 25% through their life, Falken tires keep digging! We love our Falkens and we are proud to represent them. Buy a set and see for yourself.

C&R Racing has continuously impressed us in a variety of areas – response, professionalism, product quality and their sheer will to win. When we had a sit-down with Chris Paulsen of C&R, one of the most relaxing things about him was the fact that he didn’t care about much more than “We will win!” When we heard that, I knew we had a partner. C&R makes winning quality parts and beyond. Radiators, transmissions and gear sets are the best from C&R.

Spending multiple years in the racing industry, we have learned that lubrication is something you don’t want to experiment with. Lucas Oil is a company that we can call and get the tech support we need to protect our investments. Do not test your luck! We use the local guys who are winning every weekend – Lucas Oil.

Wilwood Brakes have grown into a key element of our success. Initially as racers, we used them for their price, performance and how simple the parts interchanged with different systems. Once we grew to know their tech crew, things got even better and we learned how to use our brakes to their fullest potential with simple techniques. Wilwood’s knowledgeable crew is a necessity within Mike Maier, Inc.