S550 Mustang 2015+ Front Coilover Strut Assembly (Full Kit)




Mike Maier Inc | MMI is now offering a coilover system for the front of your 2015 + Mustang.  MMI has created the ultimate S550 Mustang strut utilizing JRi internal components. This MMI S550 Mustang strut already has multiple wins accredited to them and their performance.

Utilizing all of the tribal knowledge in the MMI family we pulled together the ultimate strut design. Mike’s experience with competition struts started almost 20 years ago which set a path of understanding strut designs which are surpassed by few. Understanding the needs of a strut car we decided to make the key features stated above to make the most of your strut design. Getting maximum camber and geometry while achieving a robust design are imperative to giving a driver what they need to get the job done with authority.

MMI has developed a high quality Camber-Caster kit for your S550 Mustang to work with the MMI strut package. Maximum alignment capability is key as it allows for you to get maximum wear out of your tires.

  • Caster helps the car track in a straight line as well as can tune camber gain during turn in.
  • Camber adjustment is the adjustment that keeps the tire flat during turn in. This also needs to be tuned per application.

Coilover Strut Features

  • Steel body for strong lateral load capacities JRi strut shafts and internals
  • Double adjustable shafts or single adjustable shafts available.
  • Double adjustable shafts are configured with hi and low speed rebound adjustment.
  • Single adjustable shafts are configured with rebound adjustment.
  • Threaded body for coilover spring mounting.
  • Relief in strut body for maximum tire clearance.
  • Offset hard anodized aluminum inserts available for strut to spindle mounts for added alignment capability.
  • 2.5” coilover hardware.
  • Needle thrust bearing integrated into upper coilover mount.

Camber-Caster Plate Features

  • Robust steel design
  • Camber and Caster adjustment
  • Oversized COM14 bearing for maximum life.
  • Welded adjustment studs for ease of adjustment.
  • Powder coated finish for a quality and durable finish

Full Kit Includes

  • 2x Coilover Struts
  • 2x Camber Caster Plates
  • 2x Coilover Springs

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 8 in
Shock Adjustment

Single (Rebound), Double (High Speed & Low Speed)


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