Mustang Chassis Stiffening Kit

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Mustang MOD XL Subframe Connectors

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Mustang MOD X-Brace Assembly

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mustang shock tower brace kit

Mustang Shock Tower Brace Kit

This Mustang shock tower brace kit is simple in design yet very effective.

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Mustang Chassis Stiffening Kit

Mike Maier offers this Mustang Chassis Stiffening Kit for your 1964-1970 vintage Mustang. Most people do not take into consideration how much stiffer the cars of today are compared to the cars of the sixties. Tightening the chassis utilizing the Mustang Chassis Stiffening Kit greatly improves the ride quality and “rattley” feel of  your Mustang. Improving the chassis strength allows you to focus on getting the handling you are looking for in your vintage pony car.

This Mustang Chassis Stiffening Kit is a Maier Original Design (MOD). Developed exclusively for your Mustang by Mike Maier.

Mustang XL Subframe Connectors

Mustang MOD XL Subframe Connectors are the longest and most refined subframe connectors on the market.  Made from tubular steel these subframe connectors will stiffen your chassis and significantly reduce the amount of flex.  This in turn will allow for better handling and allow your suspension to do the work. By mounting to 4 locations on each side of your vehicle the load is more evenly distributed to reduce flex and fatigue.
They are designed to be welded onto your existing frame rails for maximum performance.  The subframe connectors double as a jacking point to stop further damage to your frame rails.

Mustang Shock Tower Brace

Mustang MOD Shock Tower Brace is simple in design yet very effective. Triangulating the shock towers to the firewall with rigid mounts give unsurpassed strength compared to other brands. We believe stiffening components should have solid junctions rather than pivots. The brace mounts to the existing bolt patterns on both the shock towers and firewall, no drilling required.

Mustang MOD Shock Tower Brace features:

  • Fully TIG welded joints
  • Slotted firewall pad for chassis variation
  • Slotted shock tower pads for variations in towers
  • 1” diameter tubing for maximum strength while leaving room for engine components
  • Custom braces are available if you call and give your specific needs

Mustang X-Brace

The Mustang MOD X-Brace is yet another component that helps to bring your classic Mustang up to par with more current chassis designs. Adding the Mustang MOD X-brace helps to keep the chassis from torsional twisting. Those of you who are looking for all you can get from your Mustang should definitely add this to the list.

For convertible applications it ties the center of the convertible seat torque boxes to the outer four corners of the chassis with a unique triangulated design. Using the four outer torque boxes combined with the center torque boxes gives unsurpassed strength.

Mustang MOD X-Brace features:

    • Oversized 1-1/2” diameter tubing
    • Slotted mounting tabs to allow for variations in chassis
    • Weld in mounting tabs which allow for the x-brace to be bolted in for maintenance
    • Robust triangulated design
    • Powder coated finish for durability
    • Multi torque box mount design (Convertible applications)
    • ~25 lbs.

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1 review for Mustang Chassis Stiffening Kit

  1. Marco

    It does the job well, was easy to install, and goes well with all the other MMI products I bought. On a side note, the subframe connectors do a great job of protecting the 1/0 battery cable that I’m running from the back of the car to the front.

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