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mustang mod front sway bar kit

Mustang Front Sway Bar Kit

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Mustang Leaf Spring 7/16" U-Bolts

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Mustang 1" Lowering Blocks

Mustang 1" Lowering Blocks – optional

Mustang MOD1 Coilover Kit

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The MOD Mustang Street Cruiser package is a great start to building a suspension package under your vintage Mustang.  When designing this package we kept one thing in mind; delivering a front and rear suspension system that is suited for the typical street driver.

This front suspension system will give you the ride height adjustability from the coilover spring and deliver the superior handling and ride quality from the JRi shock.  Utilizing stock replacement components for the lower control arms and strut rod bushings will freshen up your suspension and allow it to perform at its best while keeping cost down.  With the 1 1/8″ diameter sway bar we are reducing body roll to make sure your ride is under control when cornering. This front suspension system will give you everything that you need to enjoy the car on the street and light spirited driving.

The rear suspension is simple, yet effective.  By utilizing high quality components we can build a leaf spring based suspension system that outperforms many other manufacturers multi-link rear suspensions.  The rear suspension is based around a MOD leaf spring which has a reinforced front leaf spring stack to attenuate wheel hop.  The rear half of the leaf spring provides cornering ability and a smooth ride.  We utilize polyurethane bushings in the front spring eyelets to reduce fore and aft movement in the spring when under hard acceleration & deceleration.  The rear eyelet bushings are rubber to provide leaf spring articulation during cornering

For the rear shocks we keep everything simple with a set of Bilstein stocks.  Mike Maier worked with RCD when they were developing their early model Mustang line-up and we have nothing but good things to say about these shocks.  To complete the package a set of u-bolts are included.  We recommend a 1″ lowering block for customers with a 65-66 mustang.  The MOD leaf springs will give you a pinch weld height of roughly 8″ on a 1967-73 and 9″ on a 1965-66, therefore to achieve a pinch weld height of 8″ (Which we determine to be a nice look while not being too low that rubbing/improper drive line angles occur) a 1″ block is needed.

If wanting to upgrade brakes for street cruisers we recommend the Wilwood Dynapro6 brake kit, and  1″ master cylinder.  For cruisers we feel the stock drums are sufficient, however if rear disc brakes are desired we recommend the Dynalite4 brake kit. Click the links for information and ordering.


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