A reminder that even works in progress can be pretty awesome.

Garrett Duncan is an old bicycle guy turned car guy. He has an eye for the neat little trinkets that make up a super rad assembly.

Over the years he has assembled this little coupe, partnering with the little shops few know about to help him along the way. As is the case for many of our customers, he has built this car with two main things in mind:

  1. Spending time with his boys
  2. Passing along his long love for the components that make up a cool ride

Garrett stopped by the shop to share his progress with us. It was one of his first drives and this particular day was over 100 degrees. The drive was over an hour long. Whoa… talk about a test.

Garrett claimed to be in the middle of the build and working to sort out all the rough stuff. Does the fan work? How’s the water temp? Does it drive straight?

But out of the gate you could feel the potential. The little Zootis built 302 had some real suds. The BLP carburetor was on point. It drove really well. The brakes had some real stop in them when you put some leg into the pedal.

Getting to drive cars like this is a real treat for me. The original steering wheel and long throw of the 4-speed really offers the classic vibe. But the cleanliness of the bearings in the pedals and the responsiveness of the chassis coupled with a really nice motor combo is enough to make it all feel modern and approachable.

Although the car is not complete, getting to this stage is really difficult. Being able to jump in and drive even if it’s with a pile of rattles can sure be a great release from the day-to-day grind. Here’s to you and the boys Garrett on a great build. Keep diggin!