So many times we have this big plan for our cars, we ourselves do it and so do a lot of our customers. We are going to strip down the car and redo the whole thing or we aren’t going to do anything until I get this huge part.Well, years ago I remember a good friend of mine telling me not to tear apart my car for my big plan, for fear of it never going back together again. He was pretty close to right on that one, it took me four years until it drove again.

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When we designed our MOD1 coilover kit, increased caster was part of our design criteria.  To start with we need to understand what the customer goes through to understand how caster comes into play in their car, what happens, and how to remedy the situation. This normally starts with who did the alignment and what settings they aligned the car to. The response is generally answered by Uhh.. the local shop?

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Mike Maier helps you chose a Mustang brake kit. When planning for upgrades on your first gen Mustang and you are a working man that has to budget out your steps finances usually tend to dictate our direction more than we want. This subject comes up a lot with our customers and brakes. We often get people asking about off brand systems that check the box of disc brakes. Customers feel the need to buy rear disc brake kits when buying their front brakes all the while stretching their pocketbooks a little thin in the excitement of the moment.

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The decision has been made. Mike Maier’s Old blue is getting lower, wider and new wiring. We will need new front control arms and spindles. The back will need a little more, the plan is to keep the guts of the MOD2 , but just raise it up in the car to keep all the geometry. This is super easy when your talking with your buddies, But somehow every time when the tools come out only one or two guys are left ready to work. Well that’s better than none.

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As per the intro on the last write up we had touched on keeping up with the times. Ol’ Blue has gone through its evolution’s and we had come to a cross roads. Do we lay over and leave the car or do we continue with the thoughts that made the car what it is now? Over much deliberation the decision was clear; Continuing is the only way to go!

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Those of you with weak stomachs, do not like change, and believe 1978 gave us everything that we will ever need please back away now.  Those of you who are still reading, welcome to 2016.  This is a short story about evolution.

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In the past months, we have been slammed with projects and forced into long weekends at the shop. We know we’re not alone in this! When weekends are taken up with work, one of the casualties becomes your pride and joy sitting in the garage. Then that free weekend finally comes along and you want to take your car out for a nice drive or autocrossing. Next thing you know, you’re sitting on the side of the road or stalled on the track because your cool old ride wasn’t quite as ready as you were.

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by Mike Garrett
22nd August 2014

It’s late afternoon on a Thursday and I’m in Hayward, California – a working class city on the east side of the San Francisco Bay. I’m strapped into a bucket seat on the passenger side of Mike Maier’s 1966 Ford Mustang as we rumble down the street, casually passing liquor stores and elementary schools.

Other than wide tires and a dropped stance, this Mustang doesn’t look much different from the countless other Mustang coupes out there, but from the moment you hear this car approaching you know there’s something very different about it.

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