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2024 Haul Ass Tour Schedule

As part of our continued development and testing, Mike Maier and the MMI crew are planning to attend several events this year with the Stagnaro Mustang, the New Blue 2015 Mustang, and the Ansell Corvette. We hope to see you at the starting…
Bill & Shirley Maier

Remembering Bill Maier

I wanted to share some noteworthy news: Bill Maier of Maier Racing has passed on. Most of us will say "condolences" or "I'm sorry for your loss," but I believe we should say it a little differently: "I'm sorry for our loss." People like Bill…

MMI Summer Block Party 2023

As part of the Vasco Row group of businesses, our shop is fortunate to have great wineries, breweries, and food vendors all available right around the corner. The second annual neighborhood block party had food trucks, drinks, live music, and…
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Maier in a Corvette?

Why is Maier behind the wheel of a Corvette? Did I see him in a Toyota?! What happened to the old school Mustangs? Let Mike tell you why he's been spotted behind the wheels of *gasp* cars besides vintage Mustangs.