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1964.5-1973 Ford Mustang Performance Parts

Mike Maier Racing Packages
Front Suspension
Mike Maier Racing front-suspension
Rear Suspension
Mike Maier Racing rear-suspension
Chassis Stiffening
Mike Maier Racing chassis-stiffening
Mike Maier Racing power-steering
Mike Maier Racing DIY
Mike Maier Racing
Mike Maier Racing drive train
Mike Maier Racing apparel

2015+ Ford Mustang Performance Parts

Front Suspension
Rear Suspension
Mike Maier Racing
Wilwood Brakes
Mike Maier Racing
Interior & Safety
Mike Maier Racing
Body Panels
Mike Maier Racing

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Where do Those Cars Go After a Show or Race?

I was making a house call last week.. yes, a house call. As I was answering questions and countering his questions with some of my own. I was also starting to absorb my surroundings.  As we went on into the night I started to think about all the homes that theses neat cars go back to after their weekends out at a car show or driving event. (more…)

The Ansell’s Little Red C3 Corvette

Mike and Ingrid have been friends of Mike and Brianne Maier for years through the autocross community. This racing couple have been fans of big muscle and with it their C3 Corvette. The couple had bought this 1972 Chevrolet C3 Corvette years ago and have autocrossed it here and there throughout the years.


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