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1964.5-1973 Ford Mustang Performance Parts

Mike Maier Racing Packages
Front Suspension
Mike Maier Racing front-suspension
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Mike Maier Racing rear-suspension
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Mike Maier Racing chassis-stiffening
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Mike Maier Racing
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2015+ Ford Mustang Performance Parts

Front Suspension
Rear Suspension
Mike Maier Racing

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I Want a Mustang Street Car, Not a Race Car!

Many times we have had customers come to us saying that they do not want a race car.  They want a Ford Mustang that handles well and is a cool street cruiser.  One of our customer’s, Ken is a perfect example of your typical Mustang street car guy that likes to go have fun with his Mustang.


2017 Ford Mustang S550, New Blue

New Blue is MMI’s new 2017 Ford Mustang project car. Mike Maier Inc is stepping into a new market to design suspension systems for your 2015+ Ford Mustang S550 . New Blue is the test bed for all of MMI’s new suspension & chassis products for the Ford Mustang S550.


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