Mike Maier Inc. designs are developed and tested on this workhorse of a vehicle several times a month at road course and autocross events.

Ol’ Blue is the Mike Maier Inc flagship vintage vehicle. This 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe began as a wedding present to Mike’s wife Brianne and has since evolved into the pro touring monster that is seen as the fastest vintage Mustang in the US.

Mike built this 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe as a wedding gift for Brianne when they were married in 2005. Ol’ Blue began as a simple restomod build with some 17″ wheels, leaf springs, and stock style front suspension.  The powertrain was made up of a 302 out of a foxbody, a good carburetor, and a 4 speed toploader which complimented the simple suspension system. As the years went on the car went through a few changes as the test bed for Mike Maier’s suspension systems.  Over the last decade the simple suspension has been removed and has since been replaced with various Mike Maier designed suspension systems.  Before releasing any products to the public they go through rigorous testing to not only ensure they are robust enough, but also to ensure they perform up to our standards.

In the latest revision of Ol’ Blue it was lowered 2 inches from its previously lowered stance and the track width was also increased by 4″ from its already widened state. While the car may have moved away from its nostalgic classic look its purpose has also changed.  Ol’ Blue is MMI’s tool to test new theories and innovative design concepts that will allow us to create a better product for the track guys and street cruisers alike. It represents the concept of redeveloping synergy.  The car also acted as the magnet to pull together our partners we have today.

The car is running a modified MOD2 front & rear suspension system. The front suspension incorporates MMI designed shock towers, control arms, and double adjustable JRi Shocks. The rear of the car utilizes a MOD2 push rod-cantilever rear suspension with torque arm and panhard bar. The car has been minitubbed and flared to allow use of Falken RT615K 315/30R18 tires on all four corners. The car is outfitted with a full Mike Maier Inc roll cage, MMI hand built flares, MMI spec Speedway Engineering full floating housing, and custom fuel & dry sump tank.

Mike Maier Inc designs are developed and tested on this workhorse of a vehicle several times a month at road course and autocross events.


Optima’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car

  • 5 Events Attended: Thunderhill, Texas, New Orleans, Fontana, Las Vegas
  • 2 GTV overall wins (NOLA & COTA)
  • 1 2nd place, remaining events MMi finished in top 5
  • 5 dynamic event (Speed Stop & Road Course) wins
  • Finished in top 3 in over 90% of dynamic events
  • 5th overall at Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational (Only 1 early model car placed higher)

Goodguys Rod & Custom Autocross

  • 2 event win
  • Invited to Dual in the Desert Finale in Scottsdale, AZ

Parts List

Additional Parts

  • Drivetrain
    • Engine – Roush-Yates Nationwide NASCAR Engine 358ci based on 351 Cleveland (750hp, 58ft/lbs)
    • Transmission – C&R 4 Speed
    • Quartermaster Clutch
    • C&R Radiator
    • Lucas Oil Fluids
    • Dynotech Driveshaft
    • C&R Detroit Locker tuned by MMI
  • Interior
    • MMI Custom Roll Cage
    • Sparco Racing Seats & Harness
    • Wilwood Hanging Pedal Assembly
  • Wheels & Tires
    • Team Three Minilite Wheels 18″x11″
    • Falken RT615K Tires 315/30R18