Project Weak Link

Parts List

Additional Parts

  • Drivetrain
    • Engine – 347 Stroker
    • Transmission – Close ratio 4 speed Top Loader
    • Fuel Safe Fuel Cell
    • Custom Radiator Sheet Metal Work to Exhaust High Pressure Air From Front of Car
    • 9″ Rearend w/ C&R Detroit Locker
  • Interior
    • Custom MMI Raw Fabricated Interior
    • Handmade Roll Cage with A-Pillar Bars, NASCAR Door Bars, Halo, Back/Cross Bars, MMI
    • Fitted Driver Location to Fit Dennis, MMI
    • Custom Shifter Location to Fit Ergonomics, MMI
    • Custom Hydraulic Emergency Brake Assembly, MMI
    • Woodward Steering Column
  • Wheels & Tires
    • Team Three Wheels 18”x 11” with 315 Falken RT615K on All Four Corners
  • Body Work
    • Mike Maier Designed front fenders and valance to give a smooth noninvasive look at a glance.
    • Track Spec Louvers in a GT 350 Style Hood.
    • Vented rear window to release cabin pressure and increase air flow off the back of the car.