Mustang MOD Panhard Rod Kit

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The panhard rod will give you the response you have been looking for in the back of your car

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The Mustang MOD Panhard Rod Kit allows for the driver to feel exactly when the rear of the car wants to break loose. During cornering, the leaf springs and bushings bear the side load of the chassis. This can flex the leaf springs up to 2” side to side giving a very unsettled feel during cornering. The MOD panhard rod kit takes this side-loading off the leaf springs and applies it to the panhard rod. This means you do not wait for the car to react. Since there is no more side movement, you get immediate response to your inputs.

MOD Panhard Rod Kit features:

  • Vertical adjustment on both chassis and axle brackets for tuning
  • Unique leaf spring plate design with panhard rod mount and sway bar mount
  • Panhard rod chassis bracket features sway bar mounts for simple future upgrades
  • Weld in chassis bracket
  • Bolt in axle bracket with shock mount

Common questions re. Panhard Rod Kit:

Don’t panhard rods move the axle side to side and isn’t that bad?

  • Yes, the shorter the panhard rod is, the more the axle is thrust side to side. This is why we make our panhard rods 35” long. The misalignment is roughly 1/8”. Considering the flex of the tire and the previous 2” movement, it becomes a non-issue.

Why did you choose to do a panhard rod vs. a Watts link?

  • Watts links are wonderful but we took into consideration multiple aspects when deciding on the panhard rods, including price, function, installation, exhaust, roll center height and tuning ability.
  • When installing a Watts, it is difficult to mount it low enough. The lower the lateral controls device (Watts of panhard rod), the lower the roll center. The lower the roll center, the more the car can lean on the outer spring driving the tire into the ground.
  • Manufacturing a Watts link also is a lot more costly. This does not help the budget for the rest of the car.
  • Chassis tuning is also a little simpler with the panhard rod. To raise and lower the roll center (panhard rod or Watts pivot) dictates how much leverage the chassis has on the outer springs. However, when raising and lowering the roll center, you want to keep the arms level. If the panhard rod or Watts arms are not level, they can input a jacking force into the chassis (not always the best thing). This can free up or tighten up the car upon steering input. The panhard rod is the easiest to keep level when adjusting.
  • Running exhaust is also easier with the panhard rod assembly. Making our lives easy is an important part of having a good time with our cars.

Additional Fitment: 1964-70 Ford Mustang

Installation Instructions

Additional information

Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 6 in
Additional Fitment

1964-70 Mustang, 1967-73 Cougar

3 reviews for Mustang MOD Panhard Rod Kit

  1. ken rhodes

    Read the product description, watch the video! I added the Panhard Rod Kit to my 1965 Fastback. I didn’t realize how bad my backend swayed, or shifted and lifted in the corners. My car feels more like a modern sports car than a vintage Mustang. Another aspect I enjoy is that once it is set, you can forget about it and enjoy the ride. I don’t have to play with it, or wonder if it is set up right! Great value for the dollar. My advice, give Mike a call

  2. Justin Perrin

    Extremely high quality product with perfect fit and finish. Installation was reasonably straightforward and took approximately 3 hours by myself but would be considerably quicker with two people.

    Really sharpened up the rear of the car improving turn in and balance even under moderate cornering loads. When really pushed the limit of grip is more predictable and easier to control.

    The two small improvements that could possibly be made are to include instructions with the panhard bar, rather than having to locate them on the website.

    The instructions also refer to the front edge of the fuel tank for aligning the panhard bar bracket. This could be an issue if you don’t have the tank installed or aren’t running the stock tank. A better place to take a measurement might be the trailing edge of the bumpstop bracket to the chassis mount of the panhard bar bracket.

    Overall a fantastic product that delivers exactly what it’s advertised to do.

    • Vince Donatini

      Thank you for the review! We will take into consideration your comments, one thing to note with regards to the installation is that the roll pan flange where we measure off of for installation of the panhard bar is attached to the body sheet metal and can be measured off of in a non stock fuel tank situation. We have measured the accuracy of the bump stop and have noticed this varies between chassis. Enjoy your Mustang.


  3. Ken B.

    You need this panhard bar for your Mustang/Cougar. I installed new leafs, shocks and bushings first, and was unimpressed when I went for a ride. It certainly was a large improvement, completely solving my wheel hops issues and steadying the rear over bumps, but the handling wasn’t as sharp and immediate as I had hoped. After installing the pandhard bar, the change was immediately obvious. As in ‘pulling out of the driveway’ obvious. The rear end responds instantly to steering, is steadier over bumps, and inspires an enormous amount of confidence without negatively impacting ride quality. After seeing the difference that this panhard bar made, I would recommend doing the panhard bar first, then eventually installing new springs/shocks.

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