Packages – Our Recipes for a Killer Setup

What if everything you needed to build a killer Mustang came in a proven package? That was the thought in our heads when we designed our Mustang packages. So often we’ve seen customers come in with pieced together cars: a suspension from that company, brakes from those guys, steering from well… who knows? The problem is not in how these parts perform individually, but in how well they work together. That’s where our packages come in. These are our “recipes” if you will, the formulas we’ve found that ultimately create awesome cars. We’ve personally tested and refined each of these setups and are constantly impressed at what can be accomplished with the right combination of components. One other thing, these packages are not organized by good, better, best. They are all comprised of the best parts we’ve been able to find to fit the type of driving YOU want to do with your car. If you’re looking for a reliable feel and a fun Sunday drive, stick with Spec+. If you want to try the Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car, maybe APEX is more your speed. However you want your car to perform, we’re here to help.