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Mustang 1/2" Rear Sway Bar Kit

Mustang MOD Panhard Rod Kit

The panhard rod will give you the response you have been looking for in the back of your car


The Mustang Panhard Rod & Sway Bar Kit allows for the driver to feel exactly when the rear of the car wants to break loose. During cornering, the leaf springs and bushings bear the side load of the chassis. This can flex the leaf springs up to 2” side to side giving a very unsettled feel during cornering. The MOD panhard rod kit takes this side-loading off the leaf springs and applies it to the panhard rod. This means you do not wait for the car to react. Since there is no more side movement, you get immediate response to your inputs. The sway bar tunes the rear grip to achieve a perfect harmony between the front and back of your Mustang. Next time you’re carving the back roads, do it with the MOD panhard rod and sway bar combo.

*Includes drivers side spring plate

MOD Panhard Rod & Sway Bar Kit features:

  • Vertical adjustment on both chassis and axle brackets for tuning
  • Unique leaf spring plate design with panhard rod mount and sway bar mount
  • Weld in chassis bracket
  • Bolt in axle bracket with shock mount
  • Sheetmetal drivers side spring plate with shock & swaybar mount
  • Urethane sway bar bushings
  • Turnbuckles for sway bar adjustment
  • Adjustable sway bar for ultimate tunability

This Mustang Panhard Rod & Sway Bar Kit is a Maier Original Design (MOD). Developed exclusively for your Mustang by Mike Maier.

Common questions re. Panhard Rod Kit:

Don’t panhard rods move the axle side to side and isn’t that bad?

  • Yes, the shorter the panhard rod is, the more the axle is thrust side to side. This is why we make our panhard rods 35” long. The misalignment is roughly 1/8”. Considering the flex of the tire and the previous 2” movement, it becomes a non-issue.

Why did you choose to do a panhard rod vs. a Watts link?

  • Watts links are wonderful but we took into consideration multiple aspects when deciding on the panhard rods, including price, function, installation, exhaust, roll center height and tuning ability.
  • When installing a Watts, it is difficult to mount it low enough. The lower the lateral controls device (Watts of panhard rod), the lower the roll center. The lower the roll center, the more the car can lean on the outer spring driving the tire into the ground.
  • Manufacturing a Watts link also is a lot more costly. This does not help the budget for the rest of the car.
  • Chassis tuning is also a little simpler with the panhard rod. To raise and lower the roll center (panhard rod or Watts pivot) dictates how much leverage the chassis has on the outer springs. However, when raising and lowering the roll center, you want to keep the arms level. If the panhard rod or Watts arms are not level, they can input a jacking force into the chassis (not always the best thing). This can free up or tighten up the car upon steering input. The panhard rod is the easiest to keep level when adjusting.
  • Running exhaust is also easier with the panhard rod assembly. Making our lives easy is an important part of having a good time with our cars.

Additional Fitment: 1964-70 Ford Mustang

Additional information

Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 6 in


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