Mustang MOD1 Rear Suspension Kit

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Mustang Leaf Spring 7/16" U-Bolts

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Mustang 1" Lowering Blocks – optional


The Mustang MOD1 Rear Suspension package is an upgrade that every vintage Mustang needs.  The MOD1 kit was designed with simplicity in mind.  The kit utilizes MOD 165# leaf springs and Bilstein rear shocks for ride control.  We couple this system with the tried and true MOD panhard rod and sway bar combo.  In addition to these products we include polyurethane front leaf spring eyelet bushings, u-bolts, & rubber shackle kit.  This package will transform the rear of your car to become the street machine that you have always wanted it to be.



  • MOD 165# Leaf Springs
  • Panhard Rod Kit
  • Bilstein Rear Shocks
  • MOD 1/2″ Rear Sway Bar
  • Fabricated Drivers Side Spring Plate
  • Polyurethane Front Eyelet Bushings
  • Rubber Shackle Kit
  • 7/16″ U-Bolts
  • Lowering Block (Optional-Recommended for 1964.5-1966 Mustangs)

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4 reviews for Mustang MOD1 Rear Suspension Kit

  1. Kristoffer Tømte

    This is one of the best upgraded i have done to the car, much better handling, with or without panhard bar is night and day, and even though my Engine outputs 495 ft lb, I have never experienced any wheelhop.
    So glad someone in Norway finally sell parts from Mike Maier Inc! Can’t wait to get the front coil over kit!

  2. Richard J. Meeks (verified owner)

    Very nice kit! Just installed it, unfortunately the car still needs a lot of work before it’s ready for the road! But it was great inspiration to get it finished. The kit comes with everything you need to install including all the hardware. Urethane bushings a bit of a fight to get bolted up to the body, I expected that they’re not compliant. Just impress with the craftsmanship! Thanks!

  3. Marco

    Well, I bought the MOD1 Front Suspension Kit, so I minus well buy the rear kit to go with it…and I couldn’t be happier! My suspension was worn out, and this is a night and day difference. Easy to install, quality components, minimal fabrication (welding).

  4. Guy Schullerts

    Went with the MOD1 Rear kit for my 72 Mach 1 and couldn’t believe the difference in made in eliminating body roll and reducing traction slip. Truly unbelievable to the point, that after my first attempt to pitch the car as sideways as I could, I came back to do it again to see if it was a fluke. Complete transformation of quicker hook up coming out of a turn. Pre MOD1, car would pitch left, right, then left under WOT out of a right turn. Post MOD1, same conditions, rear end comes out about 3-4′, squats, hooks up and straightens out. HIGHLY recommend the transformation.

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