Mustang Leaf Spring Kit

From: $539.00

Mustang Leaf Springs × 2

$269.50 $269.50 / pc.

Mustang 1" Lowering Blocks

Mustang 1" Lowering Blocks – optional

Mustang Leaf Spring 7/16" U-Bolts – optional

mustang rubber shackle kit

Mustang Rubber Shackle Kit – optional

Mustang Urethane Front Eyelet Bushing – optional


This Mustang leaf spring kit is designed to control wheel hop during braking as well as acceleration. The springs are arched to set a 64-6 with a 1″ lowering block to roughly an 8″ ride height from the pinch weld under the door. 67 and up can achieve the same height without lowering blocks. These springs have been designed by the crew at Mike Maier Inc and are manufactured in the U.S.. Mike Maier has been designing leaf springs for twenty years and these are the best ones yet!

  • This Mustang Leaf Spring Kit is a Maier Original Design (MOD). Developed exclusively for your Mustang by Mike Maier.

Mike Maier Inc understands that wheel hop is created by multiple components in the rear suspension.

  1. Poor leaf spring design
    • Poor leaf spring design allow the front half of the leaf to deform/deflect causing axle wrap up which snaps back and induces wheel hop.
  2. Lack of dampening in your shocks
    • Inexpensive/poorly designed shocks usually do not have enough control to keep the axle housing firmly planted to the ground.
  3. Soft front leaf spring bushings.
    • Soft front leaf spring bushing allow the leaf spring to travel fore and aft allowing the rear axle to misalign under hard acceleration


Mike Maier Inc urethane bushings for the front eyelets of your leaf springs are designed to help control wheel hop in your early model Mustang.  Wheel hop is caused by 3 major components of your rear suspension.


Mike Maier Inc chooses to use a stock rubber shackle kit in the pursuit of suspension compliance.  When using a hard bushing shackle kit (Delrin, Aluminum, etc) bind is induced in the suspension system during roll/corning which artificially increases spring rate and induces poor ride quality.  In many years of R&D Mike Maier ended up where he started, with a factory shackle kit.  Great for the daily driver or the hardcore track nut with a panhard rod kit.  Sometimes you just need to keep things simple.


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