Mustang MOD1 Suspension & Chassis System

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Mustang MOD1 Coilover Kit

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mustang mod front sway bar kit

Mustang Front Sway Bar Kit

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Mustang Leaf Spring 7/16" U-Bolts

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Mustang MOD1 Suspension Package. By combining Mike Maier Inc’s years of Mustang experience we have been able to deliver a system that will make your ride handle. We created the best possible suspension system without making any major modifications to your chassis. We combined our vast knowledge of geometry to ensure that your classic vehicle will handle through the corners in comfort.  By maximizing the motion ratio and shock stroke we can create a smooth ride that you have been looking for in your vehicle.

Front Suspension

The design of our tubular upper control arm has our end user in mind.  We not only designed for geometry but also for ease of maintenance and adjustment. Using a screw in balljoint it can be replaced or shimmed in minutes.  We designed our tubular arms to include 4 degrees of caster to improve the handling of your vehicle.  Wondering why caster is so important to your vintage Mustang? Read this tech article here. The control arm is coupled with an MMI designed shock top, JRi shocks (See below for adjustment/valving options), hyperco springs, and the MMI 1 1/8″ front sway bar kit.

The MOD lower control arms have been designed out of necessity. Each attribute of this part is designed with a specific purpose. The quality design will ensure that you have the tools needed to get your Mustang dialed in and tuned up the what you need it. The MOD lower control arms are the highest quality arm and strut rod assembly you can buy. Bolt onto your Mustang and have the tuning ability provided here. Buy it once and buy the best.

Chassis Stiffening

Mustang MOD XL Subframe Connectors are the longest and most refined subframe connectors on the market.  Made from tubular steel these subframe connectors will stiffen your chassis and significantly reduce the amount of flex.  This in turn will allow for better handling and allow your suspension to do the work. By mounting to 4 locations on each side of your vehicle the load is more evenly distributed to reduce flex and fatigue.
They are designed to be welded onto your existing frame rails for maximum performance.  The subframe connectors double as a jacking point to stop further damage to your frame rails.

Mustang MOD Shock Tower Brace is simple in design yet very effective. Triangulating the shock towers to the firewall with rigid mounts give unsurpassed strength compared to other brands. We believe stiffening components should have solid junctions rather than pivots. The brace mounts to the existing bolt patterns on both the shock towers and firewall, no drilling required.

The Mustang MOD X-Brace is yet another component that helps to bring your classic Mustang up to par with more current chassis designs. Adding the Mustang MOD X-brace helps to keep the chassis from torsional twisting. Those of you who are looking for all you can get from your Mustang should definitely add this to the list.

Rear Suspension

The rear suspension is a leaf spring system that is complimented with a panhard bar, sway bar, and Bilstein shocks. The Mustang leaf spring kit is designed to control wheel hop while allowing the car to carve through corners with a quality ride. The springs are arched to set a 64-6 with a 1″ lowering block to roughly an 8″ ride height from the pinch weld under the door. 67 and up can achieve the same height without lowering blocks. These springs have been designed by the crew at Mike Maier Inc and are manufactured in the U.S.. Mike Maier has been designing leaf springs for twenty years and these are the best ones yet!

Mike Maier Inc understands that wheel hop is created by multiple components in the rear suspension.

  1. Poor leaf spring design
    • Poor leaf spring design allow the front half of the leaf to deform/deflect causing axle wrap up which snaps back and induces wheel hop.
  2. Lack of dampening in your shocks
    • Inexpensive/poorly designed shocks usually do not have enough control to keep the axle housing firmly planted to the ground.
  3. Soft front leaf spring bushings.
    • Soft front leaf spring bushing allow the leaf spring to travel fore and aft allowing the rear axle to misalign under hard acceleration

The Mustang MOD Panhard Rod Kit allows for the driver to feel exactly when the rear of the car wants to break loose. During cornering, the leaf springs and bushings bear the side load of the chassis. This can flex the leaf springs up to 2” side to side giving a very unsettled feel during cornering. The MOD panhard rod kit takes this side-loading off the leaf springs and applies it to the panhard rod. This means you do not wait for the car to react. Since there is no more side movement, you get immediate response to your inputs.


Front Suspension

  • Tubular upper A-frame control arms w/ MOD shaft kit
  • JRi-MOD coilover shocks
  • Hypercoil springs
  • Billet aluminum shock top mounts
  • MOD lower control arms
  • MOD strut rod assembly w/billet aluminum mount
  • Front sway bar
  • Greasable urethane sway bar bushings
  • Urethane sway bar endlinks
  • Hardware kit

Chassis Stffening

  • Subframe Connectors
  • X-Brace
  • X-Brace Hardware Kit
  • Shock Tower Brace

Rear Suspension

  • MOD 165# Leaf Springs
  • Panhard Rod Kit
  • Bilstein Rear Shocks
  • MOD 1/2″ Rear Sway Bar
  • Fabricated Drivers Side Spring Plate
  • Polyurethane Front Eyelet Bushings
  • Rubber Shackle Kit
  • 7/16″ U-Bolts
  • Lowering Block (Optional-Recommended for 1964.5-1966 Mustangs)

Shock Valving Options

The MOD1 street coilover package has a non-adjustable JRi shock. The valving in the shock is tailored toward a touring ride – responsive with a tight compliance to handle the bumps with control. This system best fits the person who wants to get in and drive. This shock package is completely upgradeable to a multi adjustable shock system in the future.

The MOD1 sport coilover assembly has a single-adjustable JRi shock which is set up to adjust rebound. The single adjustable shock allows us to be more aggressive. The valving allows the car to handle like a slot car for unsurpassed control while having the ability to back off the dampening quickly to get back a refined drive for the trip home from the track. This shock package is upgradeable to a double adjustable shock in the future.

The MOD1 race coilover assembly features a double adjustable JRi shock. This is the shock package used on Mike and Brianne’s Ol Blue 1966 Mustang. The double adjustable JRi shock system allows the driver to independently tune low speed rebound vs. high speed rebound. This lets us tune the small inputs of the steering wheel to get the response desired while tuning the larger bumps out of the equation. The double adjustable JRi shock package is the most advanced shock system you can buy to refine your Mustang to the level you demand.

Fitment: 1964.5, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970 Ford Mustang (Coupe, Fastback, Convertible)

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2 reviews for Mustang MOD1 Suspension & Chassis System

  1. Chris Crabtree

    I recently purchased and installed the Mod 1 kit with single adjustable JRI shock set up on my 64 Falcon. I have owned my car since 2012 and the previous owner set it up with a competitor’s front end. With the MOD front end, the car finally feels like it stepped into the modern era. I feel more confident at speed, the suspension is tight but feels like it articulates and finally moves like a suspension should. The JRI single adjustable shocks give you the ability to make noticeable adjustments. Overall, I would highly recommend this suspension in your Mustang or Falcon. By the way, you don’t have to race it to feel and appreciate the difference over stock or a competitor’s set up.

  2. Devin Perry

    I installed this system on my 69 Fastback and man have I been pleased. This system is very well rounded and very affordable when compared to the competition and I believe it performs BETTER than more expensive options out there. Road handling is confidence inspiring yet not harsh and obnoxious. I had a chance to try my first Autocross with this system and it performed fantastic! The car had excellent turn in ( not used to that with old mustangs ) and stayed flat in the turn. If you are looking at this system, do yourself a favor and BUY IT!!

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