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Your First Autocross: What to Know, What to Bring, and How it Works

So you’ve heard a little about this “autocross thing” and you’re interested in giving it a try. Here's everything you should know about your first event, as told by a first-timer. What you need to bring with you, what you should expect, and how the day will work. So whether you're driving a classic Mustang or a 90s Corolla, you'll have fun at your first autocross.

I Have This Big Plan!

We hear it, and we hear it often. "I have this big plan for my Mustang! All I need is this, that, and that other thing and my car will be complete!" Then the inevitable happens: life gets in the way.
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Where are all the Mustang Parts?

Why is it so difficult to get Mustang parts lately? In this interview with Mike Maier, we take a behind the scenes look at how MMI has been working and growing through the uncertainties of the past year.
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2021 Haul Ass Tour Schedule

As part of our continued development and testing, Mike Maier and the MMI crew are planning to attend several events this year with the Stagnaro Mustang, the New Blue 2015 Mustang, and the Ansell Corvette. We hope to see you at the starting line! 2021…
Right amount of Mustang Build

What is the right amount of build?

This project was a unique one. The customer bought all his pats from Bill Maier (Mike's dad) in 1980. Bill built the small block 289 with all the good old bits in it and hasn't been touched since. A classic 9” rear with Torino brakes and a…
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MMI Addresses Caster in your 1st Gen Mustang

When we designed our MOD1 coilover kit, increased caster was part of our design criteria.  To start with we need to understand what the customer goes through to understand how caster comes into play in their car, what happens, and how to remedy…
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How to Choose a Brake Kit

Mike Maier helps you chose a Mustang brake kit. When planning for upgrades on your first gen Mustang and you are a working man that has to budget out your steps finances usually tend to dictate our direction more than we want. This subject comes…