Mustang MOD1 Front Suspension Kit

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Mustang MOD1 Coilover Kit

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mustang mod front sway bar kit

Mustang Front Sway Bar Kit

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Mustang MOD Lower Control Arm & Strut Rod Assembly

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Mustang MOD1 Front Suspension Package. By combining Mike Maier Inc’s years of Mustang experience we have been able to deliver a system that will make your ride handle. With JRi’s unsurpassed damper system and Mike Maier Inc’s unique upper A-frame design we created the best possible front suspension system without making any major modifications to your chassis.

We combined our vast knowledge of geometry to ensure that your classic vehicle will handle through the corners in comfort.  By maximizing the motion ratio and shock stroke we can create a smooth ride that you have been looking for in your vehicle.

By using JRi’s superior damper system we are able to design a specific valving (Street, sport, race) and shock configuration for any type of vehicle.  Each damper system is designed around your vehicle to perform its best, be it on the street or at the track.

The design of our tubular upper control arm has our end user in mind.  We not only designed for geometry but also for ease of maintenance and adjustment. Using a screw in balljoint it can be replaced or shimmed in minutes.  We designed our tubular arms to include 4 degrees of caster to improve the handling of your vehicle.  Wondering why caster is so important to your vintage Mustang? Read this tech article here.

Our shaft kit is designed using delrin bushings due to its quiet operation and long lifetime.  Rod ends wear out quickly and produce squeaks and clunking noises where delrin does not.  Alignment keys can be replaced for additional caster adjustment in the upper control arm. Finally the shaft kit is completely removable and serviceable.

The MOD lower control arms have been designed out of necessity. Each attribute of this part is designed with a specific purpose. The quality design will ensure that you have the tools needed to get your Mustang dialed in and tuned up the wat you need it. The MOD lower control arms are the highest quality arm and strut rod assembly you can buy. Bolt onto your Mustang and have the tuning ability provided here. Buy it once and buy the best.

MOD Lower Control Arm Assembly features:

  • Quality screw-in ball joints
  • Inner rod end for camber/track adjustment
  • Right and left hand threaded strut rod for simple caster change
  • Hard anodized finish for long life
  • Powder coated finish on metal components for a refined look and life
  • Billet strut rod mount for simple installation
  • Light weight design at 9.5 lbs per arm
  • TIG welded seams


  • Tubular upper A-frame control arms w/ MOD shaft kit
  • JRi-MOD coilover shocks
  • Hypercoil springs
  • Billet aluminum shock top mounts
  • MOD lower control arms
  • MOD strut rod assembly w/billet aluminum mount
  • Front sway bar
  • Greasable urethane sway bar bushings
  • Urethane sway bar endlinks
  • Hardware kit

Valving Options

The MOD1 street coilover package has a stripped down non-adjustable JRi shock. The valving in the shock is tailored toward a touring ride – responsive with a tight compliance to handle the bumps with control. This system best fits the person who wants to get in and drive. This shock package is completely upgradeable to a multi adjustable shock system in the future.

The MOD1 sport coilover assembly has a single-adjustable JRi shock which is set up to adjust rebound. The single adjustable shock allows us to be more aggressive. The valving allows the car to handle like a slot car for unsurpassed control while having the ability to back off the dampening quickly to get back a refined drive for the trip home from the track. This shock package is upgradeable to a double adjustable shock in the future.

The MOD1 race coilover assembly features a double adjustable JRi shock. This is the shock package used on Mike and Brianne’s Ol Blue 1966 Mustang. The double adjustable JRi shock system allows the driver to independently tune low speed rebound vs. high speed rebound. This lets us tune the small inputs of the steering wheel to get the response desired while tuning the larger bumps out of the equation. The double adjustable JRi shock package is the most advanced shock system you can buy to refine your Mustang to the level you demand.

Fitment: 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973 Ford Mustang, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973 Mercury Cougar, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977 Ford Mavrick, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971 Ford Fairlane (With upper shock tower modification), 1960 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971 Ford Ranchero. Please indicate model & year if different from Mustang

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3 reviews for Mustang MOD1 Front Suspension Kit

  1. Denton Mann

    Just finished the MOD1 install on my 70 Mach 1. I went with the single adjustable coilers as the car will see some track and autocross time as well as normal driving duties. I live in Australia so freight is always a big deal, MMI were able to package up once complete in a very efficient way to save on shipping and all the components arrived without damage.
    I had read through the instructions online quite a few times and having just rebuilt the front end less than 2 years ago, I kinda of knew what I was in for. The old components came out without any issues. The hardest part of the install was drilling out the spot welds on the upper coil spring pocket, but even that was only 10 minutes.

    When it came time to install the new parts, everything fit nice and tight without slop, what I would expect. the finish on both the MMI components and the JRI shocks were second to none. The threaded holes must have been tapped out after powder coating because there were no thread bind issues what so ever. My only concern with mounting the lower control arms into the mounting holes on the frame was the OD of the aluminium bushings. I was concerned that they may not have enough surface contact on the slotted holes to bite and not move around. The camber bolts have been staked, something Vince instructed most people do and believe there shouldn’t be an issue.

    Once the install was completed, I performed the alignment at home and found every move required was predictable and even got the thread count down to what degree change the move would make. This will come in handy if I feel I need to make changes in the future.

    Have had the car out once around the suburb to go through a bit of a shake down, the car feels tight, no squeaks and will put it through more punishment in an upcoming autocross session. Great product and was exactly what I was expecting.

  2. Marco

    After researching a lot of Vintage Mustang suspension companies and/or options, I decided to go with MMI’s MOD 1 Single Adjustable front suspension. Here’s why…I look at the quality of product, the price, and my overall interaction with the company.

    I spoke with Mike Maier over the phone, and he was more than happy to talk about his product. In fairness, all the companies I spoke with were happy to talk about their product, but Mike was truly passionate about it, and the sport/hobby/or whatever you want to call it. He’s the type of guy you meet at a car show, not selling a product, but sitting next to his car with his wife and friends tailgating, and you end up talking with him for a few hours having a good time. I learned a ton of information from him. So much, that I called him several more times with questions, and each time he would go into great detail about the subject (front/rear suspension, steering, brakes, axles, transmissions, wheels, tires…). Never once did he get frustrated by my questions when comparing other companies, nor did he bash any of those companies. In fact, he would talk about the different setups, and why he chose the route he did. I had gone to a place that is much closer to me, and wasn’t really given the time of day. That person could have been having a bad day, but that wasn’t the vibe I was getting. I called another place that I was interested in (several times during business hours), and would always get the answering machine. I finally left a message, and did receive a phone call back, but that was annoying to me. The other option I was interested in, was just way too damn expensive, and for the cost to performance ratio, didn’t pencil out. I guess what I’m trying to say is, my overall interaction with MMI was by far the best.

    When it comes to quality of the product, I can’t imagine anyone using a bad product…if they did, they wouldn’t last long. What I like about Mike’s product, is it’s a lightweight design that’s very strong, user friendly, and engineered for maximum effectiveness. If you want to know anything about geometry, motion ratio, shock stroke…give MMI a call. All I know is it’s easy to make shock adjustments, and I haven’t had to maintain it yet. What more can you ask for? Nice looking aluminum shock towers? Yup, you’ll get those too, and billet Strut Rod mounts. I also like how he incorporates the Strut Rod with the lower control arms. As for the JRi Shocks, I’ve never heard of them before which isn’t saying much, but after looking into them, they seem to be legit! In fact, the other company that uses the JRi’s was way out of my league in price…so they must be good, right? What’s nice about them is if I want to go from single adjustable to double adjustable, I don’t have to buy a whole new shock. They can be rebuilt, and if I understood correctly, the price would be the difference between the two levels.

    Installation was straight forward, and easy. My car had stock suspension, so I had to drill out the spot welds to install the coilovers, and drill holes for the Shelby drop. (A template was included with the kit for the Shelby drop.) Other than that, I aligned it as best as I could, and then drove it to an alignment shop. I watched them do the alignment, and it was quick and painless for them…compliments to the system. I’ve been driving it now for about a year, but it wasn’t until recently that I got to fully appreciate this setup. To make a long story short, when you see those yellow advisory speed limit signs for turns coming up, multiply that number by 2 and add a few more mph’s on top of that! It was such a blast to drive!!! Looks like autocross will be my latest hobby.

    As far as price…you get what you pay for! Call up MMI right now, and order yourself one of these kits, you won’t be disappointed! And don’t worry, Mike won’t try and sell you his most expensive kit, unless you plan on racing against him.

  3. Guy Schullerts

    First installed the MOD1 Rear Suspension kit on my ’72 Mach1 and it was ridiculous the improvement with almost zero body roll and massively improved traction control exiting a turn. At the same time, went with the subframe connectors.
    Then later, I indulged in the MOD1 Front suspension kit and man, it blew my mind. My car went from what I considered it to be really good handling car, to handling that I would describe as race course ready. At the track, 25mph turns became 40-45mph turns, with crappy tires! The camber achieved and new geometry is outstanding. Testing and pushing the car hard on desolate country roads puts a smile on my face eveytime. This car is being prepped for SCCA, Road Course and vintage Trans Am racing and I almost feel like I got the cheat code!! Excited to get out to the track and put all this MMI engineering genius to the test! HIGHLY recommend this kit.

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