So many times we have this big plan for our cars, we ourselves do it and so do a lot of our customers. We are going to strip down the car and redo the whole thing or we aren’t going to do anything until I get this huge part.Well, years ago I remember a good friend of mine telling me not to tear apart my car for my big plan, for fear of it never going back together again. He was pretty close to right on that one, it took me four years until it drove again.

We tend to say “I’m not going to drive it until…” however in reality we should be focused on enjoying the now and growing into the future.

blue-car-post-1024x683-1956362When we get a car we tend to have a vision, and that vision is a good thing. Sometimes the vision can cloud our sight though. People see Ol’ Blue and even New Blue now and say how they want large parts of each of the cars for themselves. This is good and all, but the cars did not come that way. Somewhere along the way each little component had to be bought or made. If you add all those little things up it can become a fortune quickly, thus rendering the average builder suffocated by their build if swallowed in one bite. In reality Ol’ blue ran it’s first several years with a stock 289 with aftermarket leafs and coils. The interior was a base black interior and the only thing custom was the wood steering wheel. In this shape we enjoyed driving it to Tahoe and to breakfast in the mornings. With this build I was focused on not doing too big of jobs at once. Plan something small and get it done. This ensured that we kept driving it and enjoying the car. When the car goes stagnant because there is a long to do list we tend to lose our excitement. Life becomes an excuse and the car turns into a laundry shelf in the garage.

This thought process has massively influenced our product line. Each part from MMI should be something that we can easily install and keep moving. When customers ask us about what big to do they should think about we generally want to know what the car needs next. This might turn in to a bit of a conversation however the customer a lot of the time will find that they need much less than they were thinking. This will enable the customer to get their car back on the road and keep enjoying. Also it will leave the pocket book a little stronger for the next hurdle.

So when you are planning your next “Big Thing”, plan on taking it one bite at a time and enjoy the trip.

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